Dirty Deal Audio (DDA) acts as an embassy for the multi-genre electronic and beat-music scene of Latvia. The collective is composed of a great portion of Latvian talents active in the genre. Meanwhile, Dirty Deal Audio as an organization/platform is always looking for “fresh blood” as well as following and sharing local music.

Dirty Deal Audio was founded in the summer of 2011 and has since then gained quite a significant following, on- and offline. DDA has since released several albums and compilations, organized musical events, beat battles, educational lectures and musicians’ showcases in Latvia and abroad, digging their own niche in the international music scene.

In 2013 DDA started the Baltic region’s electronic musicians, producers and vocalists’ gathering Baltic Trail, during which musicians split up in groups and pop-up studios are set up for the artists to create music.

There have been two gatherings in 2013 and 2014, and the music that was created during the gathering has been released in two compilations along with a three-episode documental mini-series.

In autumn 2013 the Dirty Deal Audio HQ studio / bureau was opened, as well as the DDA hip-hop sub-label Karaļūdens which is used to release the rap music created in the studio to support the local hip-hop artists and the local hip-hop movement in general. Karaļūdens compilations are released quarterly.

Since 2015 DDA has its own radio show Netīrais Darījums on radio NABA, hosted by Kristaps Puķītis and Uģis Vālodze (Oriole).

The Dirty Deal Audio logo is the creation of Maija Kurševa, one of several artists that have helped create the visual identity of DDA, along with Mārtiņš Zutis, Inese Vēriņa and Margrieta Dreiblate.


Founder / Proejct Manager / A&R
Kristaps Puķītis
+371 26831594
Creative project manager
Anna Macko
+371 25443216
Sound engineer / Musician
Ansis Kolmanis
Co-Founder / Musician
Uģis Vālodze
+371 28606837