Hi-Low AerobicsKodek Hi Low Aerobics

KODEK albumā "Hi-Low Aerobics"apkopoti skaņdarbi, kuri radīti 2013. un 2014. gada laika periodā.

Refugees WelcomeTV Maskava - Refugees Welcome 1400

TV Maskava minialbums ir sociāli atbildīgs ieraksts, kas veikts klasiskās techno un house prakses tradīcijās un piedāvā ieskatu 2016. gada Latvijas paralēlās mūzikas norisēs. Izdevuma skanisko noformējumu, kas veidots uz analogas bungmašīnas, Casio kalkulatora, Roland firmas basa sintezatora un Tascam četru kanālu kasešu rakstītāja, papildina teātra kompānijas Visjaunākais Rīgas teātris aktieru ierunāti Jura Boiko un krievu avangarda literāta Daniila Harmsa tekstu fragmenti.

"Refugees Welcome" pieejams arī: Spotify / Deezer / iTunes

Soft SilkSoft Silk

Kristers Stabulnieks, a young 15-year-old from Latvia, makes music under “Drip Koord” moniker and he is set to release his debut - a five track EP named “Soft Silk”.

“Drip Koord” may be only in his teens, yet he has already crafted a distinct style, his tracks feel natural, uncomplicated and effortless, his upbeat synth melodies interplay with dense pads and heavy sub bass to form sparse arrangements — sparse but complete.

“Drip Koord” compares his music producing with painting – if the sounds were acrilyc paint and the track – canvas, then he would use his sounds as brush strokes to form an adventitious picture. This element of randomness is best seen on track “Rash and Pushy”, while other tracks, like “Complications” are more experimental on the arrangement side of things.

Shortly describing himself, “Drip Koord” says: “I like to draw caricatures, produce music. I have a keen interest in Japan culture and I love to spend my days with my fancy lady.“

iTunes: bit.ly/SoftSilkiTunes
Spotify: bit.ly/SoftSilkSpotify
Deezer: bit.ly/SoftSilkDeezer

northern cnorthern c

northern c ir jauns elektroniskās mūzikas projekts no Rīgas, kura pamatsastāvu veido divi domubiedri – Matīss Runtulis, plašāk zināms kā Mr. Myster, kura solo mini-albumu "Kolektiv Sub​-​konchez" izdevām 2014. gada Jūnijā un Miķeļis Putniņš, grupas Ezeri līderis. Grupai ir raksturīgs elektroniskās mūzikas skanējums, kurš tiek papildināts ar vokāliem, ģitāras un citiem dzīvo instrumentu skaņu elementiem, kopā veidojot neparastu skaņu sakausējumu.

Grupas northern c pašnosaukto debijas albumu caurvij tēmas par neaprastiem apziņas stāvokļiem, neparastiem rītiem, naksnīgiem ceļojumiem, nāvi caur nesaprašanu un nepieņemšanu, kā arī atdzimšanu.

tas gods:
Vizuālais noformējums - Fricis Kalvelis
Mix - Matīss Runtulis
Master - Mārtiņš Krastiņš

DDA\VA IV (compilation)DDAVA4

The annual Dirty Deal Audio compilation showcasing tracks made in the past year by DDA collective members and other Latvian musicians we feel.

Video from DDA\VA IV presentation:

(w/ subs in English)

Bandmster "Us" (Rīgas kungi OST)


Cover art:
Mārtiņš Zutis

Minciisha Ieraksti “3 000 000″ remixedminciisha ieraksti remixed

For the Minciisha Ieraksti "3 000 000" remixes we recruited four Latvian producers with different backgrounds and styles.

First up is a dark, seven minute long house expedition from Riga’s veteran Beat maker/producer/DJ Elvi (a.k.a. by his DJ name Elvi Soulsystems).

After the long journey follows a more compact piece by a local beat maker with probably the most easily recognizable sound - Oriole.

Up next is the young gun DJ W3C. He flips the original into zero compromise heavy cyber-metal apocalypse and destroys everything you love.

Seal Pup take on the "3 000 000" is a beautiful Ballroom and Grime influenced track equally suited for dancefloor use and blasting loud in your car or wherever your best speakers are.

The last track is the original (the very first, previously unreleased) version of "3 000 000".

Released 09 September 2015
Cover art: Ģirts Reiniks

Kashuks “Hand Written Story”HandWrittenStory

According to Kashuks himself, "Hand Written Story" is a continuation, another treating of everyday sounds, the seemingly mundane background noise, as it was in "Piece of a Chance, Pt.3". While in this EP he managed to do it without any other samples or VST instruments. From my favorite - a girl's flirty giggle up to random street clutter.

Kashuks proves his fine earring and allows our souls to move to the sway of his brushstrokes.

Cover art: Mārtiņš Zutis and Toms Rings
Video: Toms Rings

Released 09 April 2015

DDAVA III (compilation)DDAVA III

This is already third Dirty Deal Audio various artist compilation including electronic music producers and musicans from Latvia.

As colorful the label, such is the compilation - from mellow, through spanking up to complex and all of the other good and bad guys in between: Gene Garret, TV Maskava, Antikvariāts x Bedrulogs, NiklāvZ, Bandmaster, Džūka Čūska, Kristaps Ritms, Oskars, Coronabeats, Kodek, Noitro, Tablis, Gustavs Strazdins, Kashuks, Netīrās Cilpas, Oriole, Mr.Myster, Bastard Gy, Pike Buzzin', Lessfucc, Ωtek, 181h.

This one is not going to collect dust on any electronic music lover's shelf. Easy to listen, hard to push pause - get your copy and tune up your house!

Good words about DDA\VAIII:
@ Latvian National Radio 2 (LV)
@ danceradio.lv (RU)

Cover art: Martiņš Zutis
Mastered: Dirty Deal Audio HQ

Ωtek & Džūka Čūska “Juke or Techno”DžūkaČūska vs Ohmtek - Juke or Techno 4

Coming from quite different backgrounds, Džūka Čūska and Ωtek found themselves together in the hiden spots of the Latvian electronic music playground. As the result, they build this LP to showcase their latest experiments in the field of Juke, Ghetto Tech and Techno with a wide range of other electronic music influence. This is a debut release for both of musicians.

Read more / Blogged:


Džūka Čūska:

Additional Parts:
Kodek: http://soundcloud.com/kodek
Dj Krii: http://soundcloud.com/kriikruu
ansis: http://soundcloud.com/ansis

Released 22 November 2014

minciisha ieraksti “3 000 000″MincisaIeraksti_3000000

Debut single of minciisha ieraksti.

More minciisha ieraksti:

released 20 October 2014

Master: Andis Ansons
Cover design: Ģirts Reiniks
Cover photo: minciisha ieraksti

Kashuks & Oriole “ORKA”ORKA

ORKA is a co-project from brothers in music – Oriole and Kashuks.

Idea about share the studio and to make EP together have born already back in 2011 and slowly slowly Oriole and Kashuks have worked together, and finaly we can enjoy the final result.

Artwork: Maija Kurševa

More about the musicians:

Mr. Myster “Kolektiv Sub-konchez”Kolektiv Sub-konchez

In short, Mr Myster's album is fresh and eclectic - ranging from R'n'B to Techno and blasts through absolutely everything in between, grabbing every groove along the way. Mr.Myster's an inspired musical chef - he screws with music, chops it up, seemingly slows it down and pours it over with the most delicious faster beats just when needed. The tracks are experimental in a way that makes it impossible to guess what's coming next. The solutions - whether it's a harder beat, a great vocal or simply a full stop - are unexpectedly fitting every time.

"Love&Peas" (Producer In The Trunk) video:

Additional Parts: Miķelis Putniņš, Lilita Dunska
Artwork: Fricis Kalvelis
Mastering: Andis Ansons
Co-Mixing: Ansis Kolmanis