ansis (Netīrās cilpas)

ansis (with lower-case “a”) is a multidisciplinary representative of the hip-hop culture; he’s a beat-maker/producer, rapper, sound engineer and podcaster. Been into hip-hop for more than ten years now, mostly being the person who is in charge of the beat in many, many different rap songs.

He’s worked with many great Latvian hip-hop artists, named the “beat-maker of the year” in the Latvian Great Hip-Hop Award for two years in a row, participated and won in several beat-maker battles, while being a part of various groups and crews (PKI, Kreisais Krasts, Riekstu Armija). In 2013, ansis in collaboration with Oriole released “HIMNAS”, an alternative rap album, considered his best work yet, which later lead the duo to Tallinn Music Week music festival.

In the Dirty Deal Audio collective ansis works with his brother 181h under the title Netīrās cilpas, which is a recently formed beat-maker/producer team. When it comes to beats, ansis often has a minimalistic approach and tends to experiment with unpopular mixtures of harmonies, combinations of samples and irregular, offbeat rhythms, often accompanied by synthesized sounds and noises.

ansis keeps his feet firmly on the concrete foundations of hip-hop while refining it with neck-breaking beats, dirty Soviet samples and psychedelically emotional melodies.



One of the pioneers of the Dirty Deal Audio collective; a beat-maker and producer with a unique style. Oriole’s music can entrance even those who hear his music for the first time. He’s a respectable figure in the Latvian hip-hop scene. Oriole’s live performances are oozing genuine enjoyment and enthusiasm, that fills the halls with particularly positive energy.

Oriole has been making music for more than ten years and is one of the most recognized representatives of this field in Latvia. He marches onto new sonically-experimental territories and ideas that often surprise not only the fans and listeners, but the other members of the collective, as well.

Oriole has taken part in more that 30 albums and releases as beat-maker, while in the latter years he’s more often seen and heard playing his beats live.

His list of inspirations include music, the cosmos, people, good books and conversations; these impressions have helped him conjure up the music than we can enjoy today, be it sample-based or made from scratch.



Niklāvz (Niklāvs Sekačs, born 1993) is a beatmaker / producer living and working in Liepāja, Latvia. At the moment he is a member of the “Dirty Deal Audio” crew. Niklāvs has produced for a lot of local and foregin artists and is a well-known beatmaker and producer in the Baltic states. Niklāvz has recently has made some remarkable appearances in several larger type events, such as music festivals “Satta Outside” international beatmakers challenge, which he won, as well as taking part in the Baltic’s electronic musicians and producers camp/gathering “Baltic Trail” as a member of team Latvia. Also, Niklāvz was invited to perform in “Primavera Sound”, one of the biggest music industry festivals in Europe. In 2014 Niklāvz also performed in “Tallinn Music Week”, playing the bass music stage at “HETK”, and also warmed up Araabmuzik for both of his concerts in Baltics (namely Latvia and Lithuania).

Niklāvz recently released an EP titled “Hidden Level”, which was released under Moscow-based net-label “how 2 make” which is runn by the Red Bull Music Academy graduate DZA



Kodek might well be the brightest representative of the Latvian underground music scene right now. In his 10+ year long career he’s experimented with countless musical genres using a wide variety of electronic devices to produce music, such as Nintendo’s Gameboy, circuit-bent toy synths, modular synthesizers and various samplers.

Kodek has gone somewhere way beyond traditional aesthetics. In his live shows he challenges the audience to abandon the standardized way of thinking, dictated by the conservative part of society.

Since 2005, this extravagant artist has regularly been rocking the dance floors abroad, in both dance music and heavy metal events. He’s also received the Zelta Mikrofons award for “the best electronic music album of 2013″ with his Flavours From The Future record.


TV Maskava

Director, actor, camera-man, orc hunter, musician. One of the most radical members of the Dirty Deal Audio collective whose musical roots stretch as deep as 1989, into the 9th sector of the Riga-based factory of household appliances, hardware and toys — Straume.

This effect is persistent throughout TV Maskava’s career as producer and, as time passes, it gets even more noticeable. He is known for using different gadgets and children’s toy synths for production, and live performances are always a hit, which is usually a varying combination of the visual accessories, masks etc. and MC WC KOKX, the MC/performer/rapper/singer who often complements or, as some might say, completes the energetic cycle of TV Maskava’s music and the audience.

TV Maskava produces experimental chip-bass dance-floor bangers as well as minimalistic acid techno and dreamy offbeat music with a story line that insinuates the connection with Dex And The City  label and the shitcore school that he attended together with Kodek, Ohmtek and MC WC KOKX.

Mr. Myster

Mr. Myster

Mr. Myster — born and raised in Rīga, Latvia. His current music has captured pieces of the different musical genres he’s been into: all began with rock music, then jazz, and finally electronic music. His guitar was the root of it all, though, which is why there’s still a lot of live sounds in his production, all recorded, sampled and processed by himself. He also gladly shares the stage with other musicians in his performances — mostly jazz musicians.

Mr. Myster began his path in music as a guitarist, so he treats his live performances as rock shows where he can not only rock the crowd but also use the opportunity to rock out himself, as he is quite a calm person in his day-to-day life. His live performances are always an adventure, often enriched by video projections and guest instrumentalists who help Mr. Myster’s build his underwater world.

Kristaps Puķītis

Kristaps Puķītis

Founder / godfather of Dirty Deal Audio label and community, Dirty Deal Cafe and a co-founder of Dirty Deal Teatro. Kristaps is a strong believer in Latvian and Baltic electronic music scene; in 2013, this passion of his materialized into the first-ever Baltic Trail musicians’ gathering which took place in Liepāja (Kristaps’s hometown) and turned into a life-changing experience for the participants and a ground breaking event for the future of the Baltic electronic music scene. In addition Kristaps has arranged and is the host of the Dirty Deal Audio radio show Netīrais Darījums, and has been in charge of releasing many great Latvian electronic music records.

He is determined to evolve Dirty Deal Audio into an equal player in international electronic music arena.

At the moment he is busy with working his ass of at the new Dirty Deal Audio HQ, and in the meantime – as always, looking for fresh Latvian and Baltic tunes out there, and sharing them with everyone who are willing to listen.



OHMTEK has been into music making for about five-six years, when he first started to make music on his computer and experiment with circuit-bending. Circuit-bending is, put simply, a physical interference into different electronic devices, such as toy synthesizers or other electronic gadgets that are capable of emitting a synthesized noise.

A couple of years ago KODEK, OHMTEK’s acquaintance and now also a representative of the Dirty Deal Audio, introduced OHMTEK to the sound synthesizing and sequencing techniques on the Game Boy hand-held console, which was a great impact in the way OHMTEK works with his music and thus helped him explore a whole new music genre — chip-tune. Other inspirations include the national pioneers of electronic music, such as Hardijs Lediņš, Juris Boiko and the NSRD collective.

OHMTEK has also composed for theatre, he’s written music for several plays.

Long story short, he currently is mostly busy with pressing the buttons of his Game Boy and playing around with different synthesizers.



Sonic virtuoso Kashuks ir one of the Dirty Deal Audio’s finest representatives. Kashuks has been making music since 2007, although he himself says 2009 is the year he took first serious steps in his music career. He’s released three studio albums, the three parts of the “Piece of a Chance” franchise, the last of which was recently named “the best electronic music record of 2014” at the prestigious Zelta Mikrofons awards ceremony.

Kashuks has worked with coutless artists, lately collaborating with such big local names as Carnival Youth, Instrumenti, doing official remixes for Prāta Vētra and Astro’n'out etc., and new collabos are in the works!

Despite his recent success, Kashuks believes he is in the very beginning of his path.


181h (Netīrās cilpas)

Half of the production/beat-maker duo “Netīrās cilpas” (“dirty loops” (Latv.)), who’s been investing in hip-hop since around year 2003. He was the only non-rapping member of the hip-hop collective PKI (2007-2011) and has worked with many reputable Latvian hip-hop artists, such as Skutelis, Nātre, Edavārdi, Eliots, KasPis, AKE, ansis, Arčijs, Kristaps Ritms, Reinis, Jera, Punkts uz I, JeeKaa, Andrē, Ritvars, Jannķels, et als. He’s also done very well in most beat battles he’s participated in.

181h has been a part of Dirty Deal Audio since the very beginning and thus bringing his warm sound and style that is characteristic to that of classic hip-hop to the next level.

His sound is largely analogue, which can be interpreted as rich bass, crisp drum loops and vinyl samples, all with healthy dose of swing that immediately captures the hearts of the connoisseurs of the genre and makes you want to move your body with the sound of his beats when 181h hits the pads of his MPC.



Corona (real name — Rihards Kronītis) is a comparatively young artist who began making music quite recently, in 2009. Corona had tried to “write instrumental stories” some time before 2009, too, however, as he himself says, “there were no happy endings in these stories; one might even say that these stories had no ending whatsoever”. In 2010 Corona, purely out of coincidence, became a part of BBB, a rap collective, and it was around this time when he defined his style and artistic approach to music.

Some of the characteristics or qualities of his style are very refined drums that beautifully warp together with thoughtfully selected samples. Corona’s music might sound like anything: funk, electro or 90s hip-hop. His music is a mixture of sensations in a shape of a harmonic bouquet of musical tones, an it is in this bouquet that the listeners will find something special for themselves.

When it comes to Corona’s solo career, success is yet to come, but he’s been working actively since day one and managed to release an album called A Letter To Spring (2012) and the Melns Un Balts (Black and White) EP (2011). Corona has also collaborated with several Latvian rappers, such as mono, Jannķels, AKE, Nauriz, CHK and participated in various Dirty Deal Audio events and beat-maker battles.

Džūka Čūska

Džūka Čūska

In Latvian electronic music scene Džūka Čūska is a fresh blood on the knife. Patterns of style comes from Chicago juke and Detroit ghetto tech. Shuffling in his own Saulkrasti flavor he better would sleep on MPC than a pillow. Part of hustle takes place in Madonas JUKE laboratory where the grass is greener and countryside air is stronger.


Kristaps Ritms

Kristaps Ritms (ritms — rhythm (Latvian)), real name — Kristaps Elsiņš, considers himself a beat-maker since 2006-2007 (who the hell remembers), when he and his colleague da-w (Dāvis Petrikas) formed the Siguldas Ritmi (Sigulda Riddims) collective. Since then Kristaps Ritms has moved to the capital which now apparently makes him a beat-maker who is from Riga.

His work can be described as part classic hip-hop warped with more new-school-ish vibes, and part experimental chaos and complete madness.

Kristaps mostly has collaborated with local rappers and taken part in several Latvian hip-hop releases.

Kristaps Ritms participated in Baltic Trail 2013.


minciisha ieraksti

minciisha ieraksti likes drums very very much. he makes percussion ballads and various other percussion-led tracks of various grooves and styles.



A long time patriot and flag bearer of the hip-hop culture. Tablis is a fan of the analogue and one of those, who value the “life” in music. He’s participated and won beat-battles and worked with many grandees of Latvian hip-hop — Edavārdi, Skutelis, ansis, Melikols et als. In 2011 he released his debut album “Indīgie zirnekļi un ārprāts” (poisonous spiders and insanity (Latv.)).

Tablis is a Latvian beat-maker with one of the most distinguished sound: his music blends into itself like a braid creating stereo landscapes of crisp drum-loops, warm samples and baselines. Tablis’ melodies and sequences are often quite uncustomary and irregular which is what makes his music so very different from what one might expect from what is now called modern music.



Ashnikko is an American rapper from North Carolina, who has been living in Riga, Latvia, for three years. At the young age of 18, she has been rapping for four years. Within the past year she has joined our electronic music family (label) Dirty Deal Audio, as our only female vocalist, she have participated in the Baltic Trail Electronic Music Gathering 2013. In addition to that, she has been performing and collaborating with the fam members of Dirty Deal Audio, and steadily building up her reputation in the Baltic States. She incorporates her love for all things cute and “bubblegum” into her whimsical (and oftentimes raunchy) lyrics. Her sassy outspoken attitude is apparent in her newest release, “Damsel,” where she states, “Who’s this damsel that you want to save? Hopeless in her tower, steady planning out her wedding day? No other way, I told you, babe. The p*ssy runs the world.”

She is currently working on a mixtape with producers of her fam (DDA). Her wit and ability to make fun of her redneck past creates a fun combination as she attempts to reawaken the “Female Rap Renaissance.”

Ina Vare

Ina Vare

Our dear lady INA VARE is a video artist, VJ and film director with deep artistic roots and a strong portfolio.

INA is Dirty Deal Audio’s official video support TEAM!